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New Technologies

School SEK – Ecuador

The importance of New Technologies is one of the priorities for the School, through the teaching of computer science and programming, as a transversal tool for learning the rest of the subjects.

Our School has Internet access through fiber optic links for the different sections, we have Wifi service to connect the different devices in classrooms, laboratories and patios, so that students can access their queries, academic app, digital books among others in support of class work.

Classrooms and laboratories have projectors and digital whiteboards which allow teachers to teach their classes interactively.

Mac SEK Laboratory Ecuador

IMac Laboratories

Our school has two iMac laboratories for the Primary (21 computers) and Secondary (20 computers) section and a 3D printer for classes on: learning Swift programming, app development, Mathematics, graphic design and digital image editing, among other subjects.

IPad 1: 1 project

From 6th grade of Basic our students develop all the school work on their own iPad.

All this through digital and interactive books, web platforms and a series of innovative applications for the daily development of their tasks. A clear commitment to innovation within school life.

In turn, the other courses or grades will continue to enjoy a large number of iPad devices belonging to the School to carry out different activities in the classroom.

With this, we continue to bet on early training in the use of access to knowledge technologies.

Robotics classrooms

The School has three Robotics classrooms in which the students of the different sections work collaboratively to find solutions to challenges they must face through Robotics and Programming.

We have different educational robot kits, from Bee-bot and Lego Kits for Initial Education; Lego We Do, Lego simple and motorized machines, K’next, arduinos, servo motors, Sphero, Makey Makey for Primary to Lego Mindstorm, VEX IQ and VEX EDR for Secondary Education.