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School History

SEK – Ecuador

The history of SEK in Ecuador started on October 1st, 1984 under the direction of our president Mr. Jorge Segovia, a group of young professionals began to shape a new educational horizon for Quito’s society.  The purpose was to make a leading international educational institution for students, their parents, and teachers, which offers the utmost level of individual and excellent academics for young ladies and young men of tomorrow. 

We began our first educational Center in an outstanding property located on the corner of December 6 and Orellana streets with great enthusiasm and expectations.

Shortly after that, with the growing interest from families in having their children with us, we relocated to a very own spacious facility, equipped with high technology, outdoor sports areas, heated indoor swimming pool, art rooms, music labs, ballet class, our dining hall, and a fully equipped kitchen and many more.  Due to the high academic level of students, SEK Ecuador is one of the most valuable Educational Centers in the country. 

In the search to provide an education of academic quality, our school was classified as an International Baccalaureate School, awarded by the International Organization of the IB based in Geneva, on April 24, 1989, being one of the first schools in Quito to offer the Diploma Program, currently we also offer the Middle Years Program and the Primary School Program, promoting a diverse, open, flexible and participatory methodology, relying on the tutorial model and the application of new technologies.

Starting in 1995, the educational offer has been increased, welcoming children from the age of three and in 2002 this offer is expanded by opening the doors to children from two years of age, becoming the pioneers in offering a more complete education.

SEK International School promotes English as one of the pillars of education and offers bilingual teaching, guaranteeing the educational quality of students.

And as a third language, students are prepared in French and Mandarin to face the challenges of the future.

One of the goals is to promote leadership that represents a plus in the personal growth of students, so it is already a tradition at the College to intervene year after year in the Intercollegiate Company Project Competition “The Company”, organized by the Junior Achievement Ecuador Foundation.

With great satisfaction it is important to mention that the participation of the College during these years has been successful, always obtaining the first places.

In addition, on several occasions the College has represented the country in international meetings, where they obtained first and second place in Jamaica and Cancun Mexico.

The Model United Nations SEKNU is another educational-cultural event in which many schools in the country participate; students, in addition to training in international politics, acquire a global vision of the world.

This model is a simulation of the United Nations System, its success lies in the preparation and investigation of the topics and having a clear idea of ​​the position of the different countries for the respective debates, in which the students assume the representation Of each country.

It should be noted that our students develop a work of dedication to the community whether in literacy, reforestation, supporting the most vulnerable sectors of society, this allows them to strengthen their gift of service to the community.

Within the comprehensive training of students we believe it is important to provide them with a training in values, giving them tools for interpersonal relationships, emotional intelligence, resilience, tolerance, solidarity, decision-making, among others.

Due to the academic excellence of our students, several universities in the United States, Canada, Germany, Spain, England, Russia, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Italy, China visit us continuously to offer academic or sports scholarships, offering them various possibilities of choice at their request. career.

All this, without neglecting the enormous possibility of training that students have by being able to participate in international programs, both for the improvement of the English language, in the United States or in the United Kingdom, as well as world cultural and sports exchanges, or green week, something unique, in one of our sister schools in Central America.

Endless possibilities available to students. Our Institution has more than 125 years of history, always at the service of education.

A world reference