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School SEK – Ecuador


Early Childhood Education provides children with early stimulation experiences that allow them to recognize their social and physical environment. Acquiring skills and tools essential prepare for entry into Primary Education.

SEK-Ecuador International School offers our students bilingual education, the English language and beginning level of French.

The Early Education student is the protagonist of an active and participative learning process based on projects. In addition, with the play-based learning methodology, we develop motor, intellectual and social factors. But, above all, we perfect relational skills such as: the ability to play with their peers, share, take turns and respect others.

We form children who are building their identity and personal autonomy with a positive self-image; who know their family, school and social environment so that they interact in their environment with happiness. Simultaneously, we develop basic skills for learning reading, writing and mathematical calculation.

We are pioneers in tutorial assistance, a system in which qualified educators of professional quality, continuously monitor the evolution of the child, providing effective support and permanent communication with the family.

SEK-Ecuador International School has a wide and safe infrastructure with state-of-the-art technological equipment in the classrooms: Wi-Fi, digital smart boards, iPads; spacious green areas, modern recreational areas, school garden, music rooms and sensory development classroom.

Our secure establishment is the physical, emotional, social and cognitive development of our students, which makes this center a quality educational school in Quito – Ecuador.


In the years of Primary Education, we form leaders, for this reason, we provide them with implements to develop critical thinking and solvency in communication skills in their native language as well as in English and French.

In Primary Education, students achieve meaningful learning experiences through inquiries that are developed with the support of their teachers, who are continuously researching and reflecting on learning and teaching. This is evidenced by the collaborative approach in the planning and work in the classroom.

We practice values and positive discipline, guaranteeing a joyful, creative and respectful environment among the members of SEK community.

We use innovative methodologies achieving high academic performance with the application of different educational apps, gamification, digital books, digital smart boards in all classrooms and MAC computer lab.

At SEK-Ecuador International School we provide a wide variety of learning environments: formal and informal, so that students enjoy and make the most of learning.

We learn a lot… we also have fun. We look forward to seeing you!


In Secondary our students continue their teaching-learning process within a dynamic and appropriate environment for their intellectual, physical and emotional growth. The permanent development of skills, attitudes and values that allow students to be better citizens, with decision-making power and autonomy is favored.

The management of the pedagogical classroom allows the development of thinking, communication, oral, written, cultural and artistic competencies enhanced through effective programmatic contents that allow them to achieve academic excellence.

Under the pedagogical guidelines of the International Baccalaureate programs: conceptual understanding, inquiry processes, collaborative work and interdisciplinary learning, it is possible to promote the management of thinking, communication, research, social and self-management skills that allow students to achieve an academic level of excellence.

With the solid academic training received, together with the soft skills worked throughout their student career, we prepare our students so that they can approach their university stage successfully.


SEK-Ecuador International School has a continuum of International Baccalaureate programs, which offer a comprehensive education and promote the personal growth of our students. They develop an international mentality, forming students who are concerned about the welfare of all human beings and with a desire to protect the planet. Its strengths lie in the fact that students receive an education with a local, national and global vision, working for their country while paying attention to the rest of the world.

The Diploma Program (DP) implemented since 1989, due to its rigorousness, facilitates the entrance of students to a number of national and foreign universities, since the diploma is internationally recognized, allowing students to access scholarships and/or the possibility of validating subjects for one or more periods of study. The excellent results obtained over the years have allowed our students to successfully complete their university studies in prestigious centers of higher education, demonstrating all the knowledge, skills and abilities acquired.

The Middle Years Program (MYP) taught since 2011, emphasizes the intellectual challenge as well as the connection between studies and real life. It provides students with the tools to probe a wide variety of issues and ideas, pushing young people to become creative, critical and reflective thinkers.

Since 2018, the Primary School Program (PYP) has been offered, with the learner at the school of everything that happens in the classroom. From planning to learning activities, agency is generated and replicated in an action. Likewise, collaborative work is strengthened in a transdisciplinary framework, which allows the development of their conceptual understanding.

Our school has a team of highly qualified teachers to meet the teaching challenges of the IB Continuum programs.

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