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Educational project

School SEK – Ecuador

The SEK International Institution, founded in 1892 is an educational organization that ranges from Infant, Basic and Middle Education courses in its International Schools, to higher education levels in its Universities.

Its aspiration is to provide an avant-garde education, privileging the tutoring system and the international approach, with special emphasis on the comprehensive training of its students.

The SEK International Institution considers it essential to direct the efforts of education towards ensuring that children and young people can live happily in the world and in the time that corresponds to them, considering social, political, cultural and technological aspects, among others.

The SEK International Institution’s mission is the “Education of the Human Being”, through comprehensive and global action, promoting multiculturalism and the diversity of the plurinational, multiethnic and hetero-speaking community that forms it and to which it provides service, through a dynamic of collaborative and participatory work that allows offering maximum levels of quality and demand in all its teaching, research and cultural and social extension actions that reflect the universal perspective of knowledge.

The SEK International School Educational Project defines the scope of the following concepts:

  • The SEK International School Educational Project defines the scope of the following concepts:
  • The definition of the character that will be printed in the student in search of his own identity.
  • The design of the pedagogical process or curriculum plan, which is the sequence of learning tasks that allow adequate knowledge of the world and of the self.

The educational means and functional characteristics of each Center, which must constitute the cultural atmosphere that strengthens the integration of meanings, be these domains of learning or achievements of desirable behaviors.

The SEK Centers methodology, which encourages individual and group work, is diverse, open, flexible and participatory, and is supported by the tutorial model and the application of the multimedia system. This personalized teaching system allows unsurpassed student support; support on the human plane; It helps on the material level, in which everything from buildings to school texts are harmonized, including laboratories, sports centers, libraries, workshops, canteens, culture rooms and student residences.